Wondering how to repair hardwood floors?

Repairing Hardwood Floors

For today’s buyers, hardwood floors are a desirable aspect of a home. In fact, more real estate agents agree that Indiana homes in with hardwood floors are easier to sell!

But that’s not true if the floor is damaged.

At Bright Side Homes, we’ve we’ve seen our fair share of damaged hardwood floors in Indiana. We have even dealt with hardwood floor damage at our own home. You’re not alone!

And here are our favorite quick tips for repairing hardwood floors…

For Pet Urine and Water Stains — Yikes! We know this is a thing. We’ve seen it all, but we also know this trick works, especially for stains you catch earlier on. Soak a paper towel with hydrogen peroxide and leave it on the stain. Come back and check in periodically. Hydrogen peroxide can lighten the floors and you might have to re-stain, but those pesky dark stains will be gone. You can even use the rag to scrub deeper into the grooves. Don’t believe us? The wise folks at Murphy’s Oil Soap agree!

For Wear Spots — If it looks like the finish or stain is wearing away in a certain spot, you’ll want to use a fine-grained sandpaper to sand and then re-stain your floor. Make sure to check that the stain and finish matches the rest of the floor!

For Scratches — Scratches from furniture, pets (or kids!), or gritty shoes is the most common type of damage on hardwood floors. Fortunately, it’s a pretty easy fix. Just use a hardwood floor polishing solution that also reduces the appearance of scratches. For deeper scratches, you might need to get the sanding materials back out.

For Gouges — If there’s a gouge in your hardwood floor, then you’ll need to add filler before sanding, staining, and finishing the floor. Finishing putty works like a charm.

Hope that helps! You can always find more details on the all knowing Google!

And if you want to skip the repairs and sell your home as-is, give us a call at 812-727-5161 —

we can make you a fair cash offer and close in as little as two weeks or on your timeline!

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