How to Sell Your House Without Any Costs or Repairs in Indiana

You’ve decided to sell your house! How exciting! You may have already started spending the profits in your imagination. Until the reality of the costs and work involved in the traditional process begins to settle in on you. Selling on your own is another option; however, the mountains of paperwork, important deadlines, professionals to hire for the inspection and appraisal, and time spent scheduling your schedule for showings can be daunting. 

But wait, there is another option that doesn’t involve any of the above—interested in learning more? Then read on as we explore how to sell your house without any cost or repairs in Indiana.

No Commissions

Typically the first grumble after deciding to sell a home can be heard as home sellers recall the cost of high commissions that comes along with the services of the real estate agent, which sellers pay at closing from their profits. Sellers like you can avoid costly commissions or any hidden fees by making a direct sale to a professional property investor like us at Bright Side Homes if you’d prefer to sell your house in Indiana without cost.

No Prepping

Another expense that home sellers incur when listing on the market is increasing the curb appeal and updating the interior to show the home in the best possible light to buyers during showings. Selecting a direct sale to sell your house without any cost in Indiana will avoid showings and the outlay of funds for prep work. 

No Closing Costs

When you choose to sell directly to a direct buyer like those at Bright Side Homes, you won’t pay any closing costs or other expenses upfront to sell your house in Indiana.

No Temporary Housing

One of the worries of homeowners when they sell their house is that the closing date doesn’t align with the moving plans for sellers, and arrangements must be made for temporary housing to fill in the gap between closing one home and occupying the next. Another way a direct sale can help you sell your house without any cost in Indiana is the flexibility on the closing date that is allowed to direct buyers, real estate companies like Bright Side Homes have the power of cash backing their offer. You have the power to select the calendar date that works best for you, this will be your guaranteed closing date.

No Repairs

Selling your house directly to a direct buyer means selling as-is, which removes the seller or homeowner of any dread of passing an inspection or making repairs that could run into the thousands. This also means you won’t repair or improve the property before you sell it, and you won’t cover any repair costs for the buyer either. It truly is possible to sell your home without any cost or repairs in Indiana by reaching out to a direct buyer, like those at Bright Side Homes. 

Nothing comes out of your pocket to sell your homeIndiana when you sell directly to a direct buyer at Bright Side Homes. Our goal at Bright Side Homes is to help you solve your problems. Whether the time is of the essence, you are under a tremendous financial strain, or you simply don’t want to be bothered with the hassles of a traditional listing. When you make a direct sale to Bright Side Homes, we eliminate your questions, and you’ll know when you’re closing, exactly how much you’ll receive, and how every step will proceed. Our direct buyers are fully transparent because you’ll know how much you’d profit should you choose to list vs. how much you’ll profit from a direct sale from us atBright Side Homes. We provide you will all of the numbers used to make our offer, which you’ll agree is fair because we want you to make an educated decision about the sale of your home that you will feel good about long after closing. We at Bright Side Homes want to serve and put your needs first. Ready to learn more? Contact Bright Side Homes at 812-727-5161.

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