Too much “stuff?”

Is all of the stuff overwhelming you?

Do you have more “stuff” in your house than you know what to do with?

Here are your options:

Clean It Yourself —

This is definitely the most time-intensive option. They don’t call it sweat equity for nothing (mom puns – I know…) But if you love the property and don’t have the budget to pay for cleaning services, then you’ll have to put in some of your own elbow grease.

Set aside a weekend to clean up as much as you can, invite friends and family to help (ask them to bring their trucks), assign some people to load the trucks and others to take trash to your local dump, buy pizza for everyone who helped, and you might be surprised at how much you get done in a day.

Do it again and again, until all the stuff is gone.

Hire a Cleaning Service —

If you have more money than time and you want to keep the property, then consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

Since we like to keep things local, we would recommend Fire Dawgs, or you can always visit Home Advisor to find your own professional. They will bring their own trucks and leave your property trash-free. The average cost is $50 to $125 per hour.

Sell Your House For Cash —

Sometimes life and stuff gets in the way and it’s not worth the headache. If you don’t want to worry about cleaning out your property or fixing it up, reach out to use and we will provide you with a quick cash offer for your house, just as-is. We help more people than you could imagine who have too much “stuff” (call it what you will) that has simply accumulated over the years. We’re here to help you sort through your options.

And, if you’re looking for tips on how to Marie Kondo your life, check out this post on 16 things Marie Kondo recommends getting rid of.

When you’re ready, we have a cash offer for you. Give us a call at 812-727-5161. Talk soon and “Kondo on!”

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